FusionFall 2009 - 2013
2013/2014 Update:
FusionFall Has Shut Down as of 29th August 2013. :(
 Operation: O.P.T.I.M.I.S.E: we're working on making the website load faster.

Sorry for the lack of updates. Check out the forum which gets new posts all the time!
(Including my new FusionFall comic which has 12 pages so far...Hopefully more later.)
It's called FusionFall: The Clone Saga: Storm Rising
- Got a FusionFall fan site? We'd be happy to affiliate with you. :)

- Have any suggestions for anything? Let us know! :D


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No frequent updates? But WHYY??

For the moment, we will only update the website occasionally (Christmas, New Year's Day etc.)

This is because I am very busy with school work. Thanks for your understanding. :)

I will when I can, continue to make and update your profiles on the Players page.

There are a lot of friendly fusionfall players available to talk to you on the forum, players page, leave a comment page etc.

And don't forget our FusionFall affiliate websites. :D

Welcome to the Xtreme FusionFall Fansite
About - This website is a fansite of the cartoonnetwork mmorpg        game FusionFall, a unique unity engine based online multiplayer       game with unique graphical visuals, great cartoonnetwork                characters etc.                                                                            
Fusionfall is both child friendly and great fun no matter what age    you are.                                                                                       Play FusionFall: fusionfall.cartoonnetwork.com/                            
No real email required; if you're going to use a fake one use one that doesn't exist and is hard to guess with random numbers, letters and words e.g.  ghj.iLikePie26hdls4fLOL2@example24hsu28.com

(So you don't get hacked by someone with the same email)

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