The Wilds

                          -Acorn Flats

                          -Leakey Lake

                          -Prickly Pines

                          -Camp Kidney

                          -Mount Blackhead

                          -Twisted Forest

                          -Really Twisted Forest

                          -The Ruins

                          -Devil`s Bluff

                          -Devil`s Canyon


                          -Area 51.5

                          -Pimpleback Mountains

                          -Haunted Ridge

                          -Lower Catacombs

                          -Upper Catacombs

                          -Forgotten Falls

                          -Monkey Foothills

                          -Monkey Mountain

                                      Acorn Flats

                                      Leakey Lake

                                     Prickly Pines

                                     Camp Kidney

                                  Mount Blackhead

                                    Twisted Forest

                                Really Twisted Forest

                                       The Ruins

                                       Devil's Bluff

                                    Devil's Canyon


                                       Area 51.5

                               Pimpleback Mountains

                                    Haunted Ridge

                                 Lower Catacombs

                                 Upper Catacombs

                                   Forgotten Falls

                                  Monkey Foothills

                                 Monkey Mountain

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