The Suburbs

                         -Sector V

                         -Pokey Oaks North

                         -Pokey Oaks South

                         -Peach Creek Commons

                         -Peach Creek Estates

                         -Goat's Junk Yard

                         -Foster's Home

                         -Candy Cove

                         -Genius Grove

                         -Eternal Vistas

                         -Eternal Meadows

                         -Nuclear Plant


                         -Habitat Homes

                                        Sector V

                                 Pokey Oaks North

                                 Pokey Oaks South

                              Peach Creek Commons

                                Peach Creek Estates

                                  Goat's Junk Yard

                                    Foster's Home

                                      Candy Cove

                                     Genius Grove

                                     Eternal Vistas

                                  Eternal Meadows

                                     Nuclear Plant


                                    Habitat Homes

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